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60 minute Consultation


This 60 minute consultation is best you if you would like specific advice and guidance but don’t want to go to in depth into a health condition or diagnosis. You will be given a personalised nutrition plan which will identify the symptoms and specific guidance in how to go about supporting you to feel your best self. Consultation to take place over Skype/Zoom only.


90 minute Consultation + free follow up


This 90 minute consultation allows you to go deeper into your health and get focused on long term benefits. You might have a current condition and don't know the best way to support yourself, or you might have ongoing symptoms which you want to get to the bottom of and know the answers to. Prior to seeing me you will be asked to complete a full medical health form, which helps me to get the full picture of your health, past and present. You will be provided with a thorough detailed, personal nutrition plan with specific nutritional and if necessary supplemental guidance .This also gives us the time to order additional functional testing. I offer a courtesy follow up check in after 2 weeks to see how you are getting on with the plan and to answer any queries you may have. Appointments held either 1:1 at the clinic or via Skype/Zoom.


45 minute follow up Consultation


(Follow up after the initial consultation)

Follow up appointments usually take place between 6-8 weeks after an initial consultation. They are to check in to see how your nutritional aims are progressing. Health objectives are reviewed and modified as necessary. We will go into more detail and perhaps add in additional functional testing if needed and/or wanted. *Please note the follow up will be over Skype/zoom/telephone *