The journey into healing my gut

It's only recently that I have got to the root of why I've had years of being ill. My symptoms are a classic IBS picture, I've suffered from 'IBS' for over a decade all the classic symptoms were there, abdominal cramps, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, inflammation, flare ups, rashes, foggy head, mood swings, depression, the list goes on. But I guess like many people after so long I managed to live with these these symptoms and get on with life.

I started to get quite ill after my 1st son was born, this is quite a common thing with gut issues, the toil pregnancy takes on the body, the immune system gets a beating and symptoms get shaken up.  I sought advice from my GP and was given steroids and a print out on IBS, At that time I didn't know much about supporting the body through nutrition. When my 2nd child came quickly I was in bits, scraping through the long days, fuelled by tea and toast. 

I started my research into gluten and dairy and how detrimental they can be if the gut is not strong, so I cut gluten out first and (I know this gets said a lot) my awful symptoms got lots better. Next came getting rid of dairy and things started to look and feel much better. However, I was still getting flare ups, my inflammatory markers were high, there was something going on and I had to look deeper.  It was only after having a thorough stool analysis that I found what I was looking for. Big bad parasites, a heavy duty bacterial infection and a huge overgrowth of yeast. 

It's a relief to know what's going and to know it's not something that's in my head, it IS something in my gut! With help from a nutritionist I'm embarking on my healing. There was a time I would have treated this conventionally, but I really want to and believe I can heal myself in a natural way.